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5 Ways To Start Your Day!

Emily Laing

Posted on March 03 2021

5 Ways To Start Your Day!

Ladies we all feel it at some point, burnt out on daily task or even just waking up in general is hard for some of us. I am going to share 5 of my favorite tips for starting your day off on the right track and form lasting habit to boost your mood!

1. Ladies I am as guilty as the next person about as soon as I open my eyes in the morning I roll over and grab my phone! STOP this is the worst way to start your day you need to take the first 30 minutes or more of your day to think about what your day is looking like or maybe even writing down your goals for the day.

2. This is a habit I love doing and makes me feel like I am starting my day off on the right foot I drink at least 8oz of water before I drink coffee or anything every morning. This just makes me feel refreshed and ready for the day!

3. Eat breakfast!! Ladies this is hard for most of us we are moms, working women, or just busy in the morning. However, eating breakfast starts your day with you having energy and not only surviving on a cup of coffee or a pastry. Choosing to eat a healthy breakfast gives you the clean energy to conquer the day! 

4. Another great thing to do before you start your day is to take 15 minutes to stretch even if you do this while still in bed its a great way to loosen up and get your blood flowing. Stretching helps prevent sore muscles and injuries that you may face during your day to day life.

5. Last but not least ladies this is something I do everyday! EXERCISE I know its so hard to fit a workout in but I promise ladies forming any of these habits only takes 10 days! Ten days and you'll be on the road to feeling better and having more energy! Working out is something so peaceful for me even just walking on the treadmill 15-20 mins gets my heart rate up and not to mention as a mom I like my alone time too. Nothing makes me happier than getting  a good sweat on and I leave feeling better than I came, no one has ever said I regret doing this for myself!

Ladies I hope you take any of these tips and they can help you start you day off right and make some good habits and build a foundation to wake up everyday feeling ready to conquer anything!!

Until next time!


Emily 🤍


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