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Collegiate Collection!

Chris Rettman

Posted on August 25 2017

Collegiate Collection!

Are you ready for some football?!

We sure are!

There is nothing better than getting together with all of your friends and family on a Saturday

and watching the big game. Whether you all are having a watch party and tossing the

football around in the backyard or walking around the campus getting the full tailgate

experience! It is hard not to get caught up in the energy of that place! Sometimes it can be

tough to show love for your team and still be fashionable! That is why we are here to help.

Keep scrolling for an exclusive look at our Collegiate Collection photoshoot! (with some fun

behind the scenes action) 


We would like to give a big thank you to everyone that

made it out to the photoshoot and modeled, the principal

at Choctaw Highschool for letting us use the field and

Jessica for her styling skills!

We have an amazing collection this year with some of

your favorite brands such as LivyLu, Kickoff Couture,

Calamity Jane and more!

We have mommy and me options so you and your little

one can cheer on your favorite team in style!

Some of our models didn't make it quite as long as the

others..(Modeling is hard work!)

We have unisex shirts too! Perfect for you and your man!


Kenzie's boyfriend may have given us as much trouble as the kiddos during the photoshoot!

We have retro designs, modern designs, hats and something for everyone! 

The best part is that all of the collegiate apparel is licensed. So you will be legit from head to toe!


So whether you'll have your Pistols Firing...


Or if you're going to be yelling Boomer...


We have something for everyone! :) 


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