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Fall Trends We Are Obsessed With!!

Kourtney Fountain

Posted on October 04 2019

Fall Trends We Are Obsessed With!!

Animal Print!! 

You knew this was going to be our first & fave Fall/Winter Trends. Here's the main question, when is Animal Print not acceptable?? It's literally the one print that you can pair with other prints and goes through each season effortlessly! Animal print can probably and most likely found in each and everyone of your closets! The trend for the Fall Fashion season with Animal Prints are going to be paired with literally everything!! You will see it on Lounge Wear, Business Looks, Date Nights, Graphic Tee's, Shoes, Handbags, and Jewelry! Don't ever get overwhelmed with Animal Print, it's easy and goes with all!! 






Neutrals are a MUST!! We love the style of Light colors on top paired with tan or khaki pants, to give that gorgeous Neutral look!! With Neutrals you can add small and simple pieces that add just enough but don't take away at all!! Add a leopard belt or a pair of Snake Skin Slip-ons, how about a pop of color with a super cool Felt Hat...we could keep going on and on. We are super excited to be getting in all the Fabulous must-haves and one of them will be the Light Weight Trench coat!! The trench coat has come a long way in the Fashion world, and the trench coat in a Soft Tan will be your Best Friend and always come in handy!! 





Here are some other Must-Haves in your Closet this Fall!! 

1- Plaid ANYTHING!! We are obsessing over the Plaid Jackets!! You can style these with a plain white tee, soft cami, or get a little crazy and add a Graphic Tee!! 

2- Satin Mid Length skirts!! Fashion is taking this Classy look and giving it an edge! Throw on your FAVE Graphic Rock Tee and those super cute sneaker...Your Good to Go!! 

3- Warm Floral prints are a HOT item to be wearing, styled with a skirt, slacks, or even those fun Bell Bottoms you have been wanting to wear!! 

4- Speaking of Bell Bottoms!! Any and all colors are accepted!! These fun Statement Bottoms are always a Go-To for Parties, Disco's, and Tailgating!!




*We hope you have enjoyed this Blog and want to see more! 

XOXO Kourt! 

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