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Hot Hot SUMMER & How to stay cool!!

Kourtney Fountain

Posted on August 06 2021

Hot Hot SUMMER & How to stay cool!!

The rain has stopped and now we get to enjoy the scorching heat outside!! While it's fun to swim in the Pool, Beach, or can still be a little steamy for that!! So we have found and done a little Research to help you stay Hydrated & Cool this summer! 

Tip 1: Plain ole water can get boring; so adding some cooling herbs to your ice water or even to your ice trays, that way you can add that fresh touch to all your cool and refreshing drinks! Adding fresh mint will have you feeling cooled down and like you just went to the spa! 

Tip 2: The cooling towel treatment might easily become our new and everyday way to stay cool!! Take a pack of wash clothes ( wash & dry) then soak in cool water, roll them up and then stick in a large zip-lock bag in the Fridge or Freezer. These are great for on-the-go, while doing yard work, after a workout, and so many other times! 

Tip 3: This last tip is starting tonight in our house. Most households have more than one sheet set, so if you don't...this is your cue to add some to the rotation. Take your sheets, wash/dry/fold them and then put in your fridge for a couple hours or until you head to bed. Throw those cooled down sheets on the bed, then hurry and slip in! You will feel amazing and have the best nights sleep!! 

-We hope that you have found some new tips to stay cool and hydrated this summer, let us know if you have other helpful tips, or if you have tried them out!! 


Best Wishes 

Kourtney ~ 

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