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RetrOK Vibes

Jessica Murray

Posted on March 27 2018

RetrOK Vibes

We are loving our new, retro inspired Oklahoma tees!! Check out our fun shoot we had of this collection! It's totally groovy baby! 

(Pictured Above: Oklahoma Postcard Baseball Tee and Sunset Oklahoma Postcard Tee)


We also want to give a huge shout out to everyone involved in this production!


Location: Rollerland Skating Rink in Choctaw, OK - This place is so dope!

Photographer: Chris Rettman  -  This guy has mad skills!

Videographer: Jenkins Cinema (Austin)  -  This guy too!

Models: Kennady and Madison  -  So glad they're willing to try all of our ideas!

Stylist: Me! (Jessica) I'm pretty proud of this shoot! Total heart eyes!



(Pictured Above: Oklahoma Block Garth Tee)


So, I must say we we're all like kids in a candy store when we walked into the skating rink! There were so many possibilities on what we could do and where we could shoot our models! It was hard to decide between the skate counter, the arcade area, and of course the actual rink! So we brought you a little of it all to take you back to those sweet childhood memories! 


(Pictured Above: Oklahoma 1907 Arch Polly Tee and Oklahoma 1907 Slapshot Tee)


We are loving the new brand of tees that most of this collection is printed on! It's called the Camp Collection and offers a variety of cuts and colors that give a total retro vibe! We can't wait to offer more of this unique line!


We reminisced a lot during this shoot about the good ol' days of junior high school. The times of couples' skate and lots of glow sticks under the disco ball! Do you have any fond memories from your local rink?! We hope you do! 

Now, here's a couple more from our shoot. We hope you enjoy this collection as much as we do!

(Pictured Above: Oklahoma 1907 Arch Polly Tee ~ White/Navy and Oklahoma Block Slapshot Tee ~ Gray)

Nothing like a little friendly competition in a race. 

 (Pictured Above: Oklahoma Deck Tee ~ Oatmeal and Oklahoma Deck Baseball Tee)

No models were hurt in the production of this shoot! I can't say they were the best skaters and there weren't a few scares, but everyone made it through alive and well! 

Thanks for taking some time to read through our blog! We hope to bring you more fun filled, unique shoots in the months to come! Stay tuned for more shenanigans, trends, style inspiration and so much more from the staff here at J. Lilly's Boutique! 

Until next time,




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