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Stars & Stripes Collection!

Chris Rettman

Posted on May 31 2017

Stars & Stripes Collection!

Hello everyone and thank you for joining us on our second blog post!! We are going to give you a behind the scenes look into our Stars & Stripes photoshoot!

Where to begin....

Let's start off by saying thank you to everyone that helped us make this possible! A big thanks to all of our girls who work extremely hard at the boutique, and then are awesome enough to be down for a photoshoot whenever! 

Thank you Ryan Holt for letting us use your groovy van, and Jessi Hesami for introducing us to Ryan and letting us use your land for the shoot! Also, a big thanks to Liberty Fireworks for supplying us with the fireworks!

Thank you Jenny and Jessica for styling and preparing and being there to do anything to help!

Thank you Chris. (That's me) For taking way too many photos and putting the girls lives in danger with these sparklers. 

This collection has a ton of comfy and trendy graphic tees along with a ton of pikos, flowy pikos, pikos with fitted sleeves, basically all of your piko needs! These patriotic pieces are a must have to show your love for this country on the 4th!

Here are some of our favorite shots from the day!






It wasn't all fun and games though.. There may have been some lung damage and 2nd degree burns thanks to the sparklers.. Our outtakes folder is just growing and growing thanks to all the hilarious people that work here.  




Also, we can't give a behind the scenes look without talking about our newest friend we made that day! 


Yeah he was pretty much the most adorable kitten ever and he really wanted to be apart of our photoshoot!


Well that about wraps it up! Thanks for hanging out and we hope you enjoyed it! You can click below to shop the collection! Order soon and have it shipped to you or come pick it up in store!

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