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~ Summer Drink Ideas for the Whole Family ~

Kourtney Fountain

Posted on June 04 2021

~ Summer Drink Ideas for the Whole Family ~

If your planning on hitting the lake or sitting by the pool all summer long...make sure you try out some of these refreshing drinks to keep you cool all day long!! Bringing you some of our FAVE recipes to bring with you or while you host a backyard party! 

First on the list a Non-Alcoholic Sipper that not only will the kids will too!! Here we introduce the Best Strawberry Limeade, we have added the link to the picture in case you're interested in trying this one out!! P.S. you can add vodka or rum to make it an adult bevy!


Next up will definitely be on the summer line up!! Nothing like Watermelon and Cucumber to relax you...right?? Ok so this one is for all ages, but like anything if you want to spike it a little /// just add you FAVE liquor and your good to Go!! Here is the Watermelon Cucumber Basil Lemonade

This next one that we an iconic drink but with a twist!! The Frozen Pineapple Margarita!! It's the perfect mix between Salty and Sweet but super refreshing!! 

The last to our list is more of an Adult Bev but without the liquor!! If your hosting a get together or throwing a Baby Shower this will for sure be a hit! It's simple but fancy for sure and will be a crowd pleaser! 


Well hopefully you try one of these out and let us know what you think!! Tune in next week for something Juicy!! Till then ladies!! 


XOXO ~ Kourtney



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