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The Essentials to your Wardrobe you need to have this Summer~

Kourtney Fountain

Posted on May 20 2021

The Essentials to your Wardrobe you need to have this Summer~

Heading into this Summer, it's going to be a little bit NORMAL!! No staying home this season, so grab you essentials you will need!! Take a tour with us as we help you navigate back into normalcy!! 

1: The first item to add to your wardrobe...SUNGLASSES!!! Why would you not want to have more than one pair!! We are now offering a fabulous Brand call I-SEA and not only are they like the cutest STYLES, the price might be even B E T T E R!! Ranging from $25-$40 these will be a hit and they also come with a case!!     

 The Ashbury $28


The  Decker $38


2: The Second you need to stock up on...Casual T-shirt dresses!! You can never go wrong with a cute T-Shirt Dress to wear, well anywhere!! One of our FAVE T-Shirt Casual dresses is the New Z SUPPLY Launa Spiral Tie-Dye Dress $50. Now for a casual dress it is on the more expensive side, but what you pay for you get! This will be a staple for many summers and it will stay looking fresh and trendy every year! 

3: Third on the list...HATS!!! Ok so you can have your typical ball cap, but why not change it up and make it a BUCKET HAT!! Yea we're not kidding, they are back in style for sure!! No matter which style your wanting or needing, it's all for covering up your hair that needs to washed...let's just be honest!! 

4: Fourth on the list, but verrrry important /// DENIM JACKET!! When can you not go wrong with a good Denim Jacket?? They go perfect over Graphic Tee's, Tank Tops, Dresses, Gym Clothes, & with all Basics! And when you find that perfect one and it forms to your body, it's like HOME! Check out our FAVE style in the pic below, and make sure to get it now!! 

5: Fifth and never the last >>> BODYSUTS<<< yes this is an essential to your style this summer. How can you go wrong with the perfect or a whole collection of Bodysuits!! We know they were a thing way back...but their back and better than ever!! Here are a couple that we think you will love and be wearing all season long!! 


Thank You for reading, hopefully you have some inspo for your Summer Wardrobe!! Let us know what you think in the comment section below and what else you want us to dig into!! 


XOXO Kourt!

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