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Ways to Find your Style!!

Emily Laing

Posted on March 17 2021

Ways to Find your Style!!

Ladies it is so hard to find your personal style with ever changing trends, self doubt, and even some peer pressure! But, we are here to save the day stop doubting yourself and wear the styles that make you happy and feel good about yourself. Never doubt an outfit you love, if you love it rock it!!

Think about what you have in your closet I know I am so guilty of holding on to an outfit even if I have never even worn it. Take all those clothes donate them think about when is the last time I wore this? And if you cannot even remember then its probably time to get rid of it! While looking through your stuff think about your personal vibe are you a trendy outgoing person or are you more causal cute and comfy? I know I am a casual girl all the way.

Another great way to figure out what styles you gravitate towards is what does your Pinterest or shopping trends show about your style. Buying pieces that are great to wear multiple ways is a great way to figure out what your personal style is as well. Lastly do not let yourself feel pressure to follow trends just because everyone else is doing it. If you love a new trend GO FOR IT, however if you hate it don't feel like you have to do it be a style trailblazer do what makes you feel comfortable and confident! 

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Emily 🤍

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